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When A Delivery Crew Caused A Flooded Mess SERVPRO Was The Answer

This homeowner was excited to see the delivery truck pull up in front of her home. When the delivery crew accidentally hit the sprinkler system. The homeowners ... READ MORE

Carpet Spot Cleaning Done Right in Bradenton, FL

Carpet Stains come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. The photo of this living room fireplace hearth displays a typical location for the convergence of multiple... READ MORE

Rodent Infestation Clean-up in Bradenton, FL

Rodents can penetrate your home or business in many ways. They can find the smallest crack and wreak havoc like shown in this before photo of a storage room in ... READ MORE

Sewage Backups Happen - Even in Bradenton, FL

When people think about sewage backups, most commonly they imagine a basement. There are basements in Florida, but they are extremely rare. This sewage backup ... READ MORE

Public Restrooms

Often public restrooms are mistreated and consistently need cleaning beyond a daily wipe down. Restrooms open to the public, just like this one, in Bradenton, F... READ MORE

Water Damage, Mold Remediation & Reconstruction

Like many Floridians, the owners of this home spent their summers in the northern states. The water supply line to the refrigerator broke and leaked water throu... READ MORE

Fire and Odor Damage Experts

The Smoke is Sometimes Harder than the Fire Damage Fire is hard to clean especially because of the smoke smell. Here are the steps we take to get your home smel... READ MORE

Protein Odor Cleaning in Memphis, FL, Home

The Unexpected Kitchen Fire This home needed to have a full cleaning after beans were burned on the stove accidentally. The smoke penetrated the walls and was e... READ MORE

Outdoor Spigot is Frozen and Breaks

Freezing Temperatures Causes Flooding Outdoor spigots can cause a lot of damage if they freeze. They break easily when frozen as it did for this homeowner. Wate... READ MORE

Fire and Water Damaged Kitchen in Lakewood Ranch

After a Fire the Damage can be Catastrophic When there is a fire there can also be water damage. The fire fighters soaked the kitchen after it started on fire. ... READ MORE